Where did it all begin?

I’ve had an eventful life. Some would class it as unlucky, others a sad story. For me, it is just what I call normality. Child abuse, parents divorce, saving both parent’s life’s on separate occasions, family ill health and much more.

It has taught me many lessons, given me strength in areas, but also left me struggling in others. I have struggled with mental health issues as a result; depression, severe anxiety, hypervigilence, post traumatic stress disorder and potentially others. I have never taken medication.

2 years of counselling and 3 months of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy began to help me identify and cope with life. But it only scratched the surface, and ultimately I have to navigate the years ahead alone.

Running, more over endurance pursuits gives my mind a break from this. It lets me relax, process events and see life for what it is. I have a deep love for the outdoors, from the mountains right the way down to the valleys. If its peaceful and scenic I could spend all day. At first I walked, now I run. But either way, the connection with mind, body and land is what I strive for. There is nothing hippy about, it just feels great.

It has helped me immeasurably.

What ever you do in life try to live by these three words.



One thought on “Where did it all begin?

  1. Wow . Can’t wait to read more about your running and what made you. I’ve suffered depression. Did tablets. Hard work. Suffered with it all my life. Just didn’t realise what it was until diagnosed with mild bipolar in 2011. You will LOVE dusk til Dawn.

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