That wasn’t the intention

Marathon Eryri.

The weather was blustery, precipitation lightly fell and the task big.

Setting off from the start, running up from Nant Peris to Pen Y Pass felt strong. I made my way past many, enjoying the climb and the impending descent that would follow.

As we ventured off road, down the rock covered path, runners could be seen across the valley at the top of the pass.

But it wasn’t until the 20 mile mark, 3 hours in that things became interesting. I felt a dull ache on the outside of my right knee. Experience told me this wasn’t good. I’ve suffered in the past from a similar injury, which has left me unable to climb or descend stairs. I continued to run, until I was reduced to breaking up short runs with walks.

This soon became a permanent walk.

I knew I could push through it, but doing so could result in a lengthy injury and therefore it really wasn’t working. My walk became a limp, and it was with this that I descend the steep lanes into LLanberis. The pain excruciating, I kept all weight off my right leg and my pace was reduced to a crawl.

The end of the video documents the finish line, you should be able to hear their support for yourself.

I’m not afraid to see the support was overwhelming and reduced me to tears.

This is why I love running.


2 thoughts on “That wasn’t the intention

  1. Fun video!

    The ache you describe is most likely the Iliotibial Band, which runs from the hips down to just below the outside of the knee. When the gluteus medius is weak, exhausted, or if you pronate excessively, the band can end up under tension to compensate for work that the muscles should be doing: the tension pushes it onto a tendon insertion point underneath it by the knee, which is why it hurts. A foam roller helps in the short term, but in my experience the solution is to do lots of deep squats, work on ankle strength so that the feet don’t flatten in onto their arches, and picture the glutes “firing” when you run. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Steve, thank you for your feedback. Glad you liked the video.

    The injury has been pretty random, occuring in February this year on a 3 mile slow run chatting with friends, and mainly from road cycling. My gait is on the whole neutral, though it has been said my right knee tends to move in during each movement.

    With a couple of weeks until my next (and biggest) challenge, I’m working on getting fixed up. Physio appointment booked for a once over, foam roller is killing me but helping and strength work will start soon. I used to squat a lot in rugby, so more than happy to give that one ago.

    Good luck with your future runs. More videos will be following.


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