The Challenge Concept

Challenges are thrown at us daily, from bad drivers to what to pick for lunch.

Some people enjoy a crossword, others like to gamble, I like to use my body.

But this goes beyond simple exercise.

There is the challenge of the landscape, nature, fellow competitors, the atmosphere.

But beyond this elements, there is another which may not be so apparent. The social aspect.
I live a pretty secluded, some could say reclusive life. Other than seeing my partner a couple times a month, I rarely see people outside of work, therefore this provides me the opportunity to engage with new people with similar interests.I feel comfortable after an awkward start trying to get someone else to make the first move.

The events aren’t cheap, if anything they are getting costly.

But I feel good, and sometimes you need to invest in yourself to benefit your wider life.


Fresh Pumps

I’ve got some new trainers. Or should I say another pair in a new colour.

The Saucony Kinvara’s have had such a positive effect on me I felt the need to obtain a second pair.

They aren’t cheap.

However this will allow shoe rotation, which ultimately means more miles with less risk.

Imagine the foam within the midsole, it gets repeatedly hammered by the weight of your body against the running suface thousands of times during a run. This compression reduces the effectiveness of its ability to cushion your foot. Trying on a fresh pair and one which has run a marathon have stark differences. Less support, less cushion, less comfort.

The answer, rotation. Using two or more pairs of shoes to allow the shoes to recover and therefore perform to their full potential.

Think about it this way, not only does a shoe help you run, make it more comfortable and keep grip between your foot and the ground, it can also protect you from injury – or cause it.

Invest to protect.


What is Ultra Running

This video presented by Hoka One One, gives a brief, honest and open view into the world of ultra running. Talking to the best athletes in the world, documenting their and others race.

The race is the Hardrock 100.

100 miles
33,992 feet of climbing
11,186 feet – the average height

This is the elite of ultra running.


It’s the third year of the European Outdoor Film Tour presented by Mammut and Gore-Tex coming to London.
I know this as I have been lucky enough to get free tickets the past 2 years, and it is one of the places I took my partner on a date when we first met.

The film tour looks across the board at all outdoor disciplines from the extreme, adrenaline pursuits of free ride snowboarding, mountain biking and base jumping to the slower world of human powered travel. Showing clips from up to 10 films that have been released in the previous 12 months, the night is a feast for the eyes, and encourages viewers to find the full films if they so wish.

There are prizes on the night; from official merchandise to a GoPro for one lucky individual, and often an athlete from one of the movies will be presented for a short interview…. if you’re lucky.

So sit back and enjoy this peak of what will hit our screens in the coming months.

Hear ye, Here ye


I am fascinated by them. The outlook is simple, a person presenting their unbiased opinion based on experiences gained whilst using a product, to benefit the purchase choices of others.

But we all know that these often aren’t.


I aim to be as open, honest and critical as possible.
I have and will be purchasing everything I review, so there is no incentive for me to gloss over negatives or be nice about every individual feature.

In the weeks to come, I plan to look at the following and more;

Saucony Kinvara 5 road trainers
Salomon Speedcross 3 trail trainers
Invo8 140 Trail Shorts
Inov8 Elite 20 rucksack
Pearl Izumi – a range of t-shirts, tights, socks and a waterproof jacket

Videos and/or written posts shall follow.


I love gear. I love design. I love the process and thought behind it.

Haglöfs celebrate their 100th anniversary this year and they have launched an eye wateringly expensive range which harks back to their origins and heritage. It is also aimed for living in rather than conquering mountains, but without sacrificing any of the garment technology.

Sit back and enjoy some Scandinavian simplicity.

Life in HD

High Definition, 10 years ago we didn’t really mind how we viewed programmes and films on screens, but now if it isn’t in HD we our outraged by the pixelation of a large screen.

Well earlier this year as an eye ulcer set in and my immune system went to DEFCON 1 in response. What followed was a week off work, with an eye only able to process light and some colour. It was like looking through severe frosted glass, with the smallest of match lights being magnified to search and rescue flare. I couldn’t see a thing.

3 months later and I was discharged from the hospitals care, a huge permanent scar on the eye and blurry vision remaining.

So I opted for glasses, to give my good eye a break and to give the blurriness some clarity.

They aren’t the answer but they help.