Saucony Kinvara 5


After years of running without direction i decided to get some from the team at Pro Feet in Fulham. I heard of them on a Salomon City Trail run weeks previously.

After an hour of running in my trainers, barefoot and in numerous trainers, I made my selection. My every move had been recorded on video and analysed, and thankfully I was not too far off where I should be.

So. I have luminous green shoes! And you’ll be hearing about them more in the coming weeks.


The importance of doing nothing


After an active Thursday and purchasing some awesome new running shoes (post to follow) I was ready for an active and productive weekend. However it was not to be.

I was staying with my girlfriend in London and the combination of the stuffy flat and the continuous traffic meant I managed 8 hours of broken sleep over two days. Add walking 14 miles on the Friday with a sales rep around shops meant I was simply out of it.

Afternoon naps, films and not a lot more took up my time.

Time to get back on track.

Morning Miles

As I mentioned yesterday I have a triathlon looming. I’m definitely no triathlete.

My focus going on is running, but more over a general state of fitness. So I begrudgingly flopped out of bed at 4.40am this morning and clipped into my aluminium steed.

The weather was pleasant. No wind, open blue skies and chilly at first. It took about 10 miles to wake my body up, that and my mind too. As the traffic started to build I hid away on B and country roads.

So far 86 miles in three days, with another 12 to add commuting to work. In the grand scheme this is child’s play and I need to up them significantly.

But for now it’s good to be riding again.


The hard work is going to pay off. 

I need to knuckle down, push through the pain, embrace the sweat and make things happen.

Ironman Wales is my big challenge.

I’ve never attempted a triathlon. Never open water swam. Never swam 2.4 miles. I’m not much of a swimmer.

And then I have to tackle a 112 mile bike ride and a marathon run.

Then we have the Snowdonia marathon at the end of October, and maybe the Glencoe marathon at the beginning of the month.

So the Kendal Film Festival, the world’s premier and best adventure film festival is my treat.

2 days, films, lectures, gear sales, Lakeland air and celebrating two years with my partner.

Oh yes, and beer.

All these disractions

Call it misophonia, call it hypervigalence. A name or term means little.

I find noises and movements/light distracting. Now that may not sound exceptional or different, however it effects me at all times of the day. I pick up every noise like everyone else, but where it changes is that I can’t filter them out. They are all there, building a picture in my head, giving me an awareness of my surroundings. The problem is when I identify unwanted sound. The moment I do, the more it intensifies. The more I think about it, the greater the volume increases, until it consumes my thoughts. 

It can render me useless, leave me feeling vulnerable, disable my thought processes.

Movement/light is just as bad. I have to check everything, even though I may be aware of what is there. I need to know my surroundings.

So imagine my average day at work. I sit in an open plan office, with 10 people answering calls, a design team beside, 30 other people me and people constantly walking past. I have two computer screens in my immediate vision, which I can see over the top and a walkway to the right of me. Paying attention can be a challenge. So I use music to subdue some of what is around. But it’s not a foolproof plan. Seldom does it work.

The only real solution. Coming in ahead or after work hours, but then its only an hour or two until the roar of the environment erupts.

Escape is not the solution, merely a temporary way of coping.

But it is why I love the mountains. Simple. Peaceful. Empty.

Around me is an dynamic and swiftly evolving microclimate, and yet it feel natural and makes perfect sense. Call me crazy, but when the preverbial hits the fan and howling winds and driven rain set in, I don’t panic. I absorb, asses and make sense of the ensuing chaos.

I love the mountains


It’s simple.

One foot in front of the other.

Repeating this action for a prescribed distance or duration. 

Walk, jog, run, sprint. 

The pace is your choice and you can stop at any moment.

Set outside your house and you have billions of miles to run. 

Anytime of the day, slip your trainers are and you are gone.